Professional Course

We would like to explain how to enter our college and how you can get a license to be a Shiatsu therapist in Japan.

To enter the college, you have to have at least the 2nd level of Nihongo-Kentei-Shiken, an examination of Japanese as a foreign language held by the Japanese government.

You also need a certificate of graduating from high school or a document that proved you have graduated from a school that has the same level as high school in Japan. These certificates and documents have to be published by your country’s embassy in Japan.

Subject to the satisfaction of the conditions stated above, you will be able to take an entrance examination for the college. The entrance examination contains subjects of a brief composition, and a personal interview. The entrance examination is offered in Japanese.

After entering our college, you will have 2490 hour classes of 3-year curriculum. In the curriculum, you have to take medical subjects such as physiology, anatomy, pathology, and Shiatsu theories, etc. Passing these classes, you will be entitled to take the state examination of Shiatsu held by Japanese government, and when you pass it, you can get a license to be a practitioner of Shiatsu therapy in Japan.

These conditions are set and guided by the laws and regulations issued by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, and other authorities. Titles and degrees related to Shiatsu obtained in countries outside of Japan are not applicable to the conditions to enter our college.